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21 June 2009 @ 12:11 am
My Snail Mail Vow  
So, I've been thinking a lot about snail mail. Mailboxes. 42 cent stamps. Envelopes. Packages. Handwritten messages. It all seems so sacred. Personal and Special. Most of my cards and letters are hidden on the top shelf of my closet. Only to be taken down when I am summer cleaning, or in need of a walk down memory lane. I laugh at them. Sigh. Get teary-eyed. Think about that person. Then I pack them all up again into the box, only to be looked at on a hot summer's day. The written word that isn't stored in plastic tubs, finds rest on bulletin boards near my desk. Precious reminders of my friends and their kindness. Some are handmade cards, with hole-punched hearts and yellow ribbon. Some are postcards with brown permanent marker written in a friendly script. Some are store bought cards with messages that I will treasure for a life-time.

Does facebook have the same effect? Twitter? Email? Sure I can retreave an email anytime and re-read it. I see daily updates of my friends' lives - so, why send an I-just-randomly-thought-about-you-and-wanted-to-send-a-card card, when you can post a message on their wall? Does it give the same warm fuzzy feeling? Maybe.

There is just something so unique and special about cutting opening an envelope addressed to you. The stamp was licked or stuck for you. The letter folded with you in mind. The pen chosen for you. The ink carefully or hurriedly applied, either way it's real.

I've always wanted to send a Weasley-Muggle Envelope. The Weasley's sent Harry a letter by muggle mail and covered the envelope in stamps so that only Harry's address was showing. That would be so fun. I wonder if the postman would actually send it.

The Snail Mail Vow.
I'm planning on sending at least a letter a week. To my friends and family. Maybe an "I'm thinking of you card" or a Birthday card. Anything really. A photograph with a story on the back. A doodle I drew in Soc class. Anything, because receiving mail is sacred and special and cherished. This - This is quite a feat for me. I am the worst at mailing letters and all things of that sort. Love to receive letters. Horrid at sending them out. When should I start? This week or when school starts? Well, what else have I to do with my summer than work and become well acquianted with my postman.
I'll be needing some stationary. Any really. Some stamps. I'm planning to have fun with this. A booklet of all of my friends birthdays, because when do you deserve to be thought of if not on your birthday. And an address book, because I'll need a quick reference when attempting to find out my friends addresses.

Maybe I'll document the mail I send out? It won't look wonderful and travel-worn, but it's documentation none-the-less. And who knows maybe I'll get a Snail Mail letter in return?

Speaking of which...I went to the mailbox today. All I saw were old bills and boring informational letters. I was a bit down-trodden. I had just suffered my 19th birthday not five days ago, and not a single card except for those handed directly to me. Then I realized we had our post held until this Monday. I'll keep you posted if I happen upon a letter.